Some things about me:

  • I live in Seattle.
  • I lived in Miami before that.
  • I have also lived in London and Johannesburg.
  • I graduated as a Graphic Designer.
  • I believe in the religion of football.
  • I have travelled to 54 countries.
  • I speak English, Afrikaans, and Cantonese.
  • I regard the 80's as the best decade for music.
  • I acted in a movie with John Savage.
  • I have a fear of heights and clowns.
  • I used to moonlight as a DJ.
  • I don't have a middle name.
  • I will never walk alone.

Some of the places I've worked at:

I'm a Creative Director working in both Traditional and Digital Advertising and Marketing in Seattle. I was a Senior Creative at the Garrigan Lyman Group in Seattle, and at Iris Worldwide and DDB in Miami.

Prior to that I was the Creative Director at Quartermaster Advertising and Switch Advertising in Johannesburg. And before that I co-founded and managed Geoff: The Ideas Company and Hamilton Quan Creative. Before opening my own ideas companies, I worked at a few other places around South Africa and England.

Some of the clients I've worked with:

Adidas, Starbucks, Toyota, McDonalds, Microsoft, Diageo, T-Mobile, Coca-Cola, Sony, Honda, Proctor & Gamble, Guinness, Mastercard, Lotto, Unilever, Subaru, Vodafone, Amazon, Smirnoff, Revlon and BMW.

Panasonic, Mercedes-Benz, HSBC Bank, British Airways, Reckitt Benckiser, MTN, Lenovo, Honda, Cadbury, Shell, Volkswagen, Barclays Bank, Simba-Lays, Colgate-Palmolive, Nissan, Heineken, Mobil, Gillette and Visa.

Some of the awards I've won:

One Show Awards | Design & Art Direction Awards | New York Festival Awards | London International Awards | Art Directors Club Awards | Clio Awards

American Advertising Federation Awards | American Institute of Graphic Arts Awards

South African Loerie Awards | Assegai Awards | Apex Awards | South African Pendoring Awards | Creative Circle AAA Awards